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I had a good time, too

I think I am on indefinite hiatus. I know I’ve cried “retired” before, but I really mean it this time, especially when I say “indefinite.” I’m fairly sure I can manage to post the kind of content I’ve been providing lately through Facebook (ah, another blog bites the dust). If I ever get the momentum up to start being more thoughtful than that, I’ll be back. Thanks to all of you, both of you, for visiting.

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Welcome the Stranger

I think this may be chapter 2 of my dissertation. If I can figure out how to attach the audio file to the manuscript.

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Oh, hello there!

I’m afraid much of what I get excited about falls in this category:

Hackers Crack into Texas Road Sign, Warn of Zombies Ahead


(HT Darin)

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New Waterdeep album on pre-order. Last year’s Heart Attack Time Machine topped my best of 2007. Brandon Groves will be back on drums, and that’s a very good thing.

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false alarm

I’m not committing to anything, but it’s NaBloPoMo, so I’d better post something.

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Christ for President

Let’s have Christ our President
Let us have him for our king
Cast your vote for the Carpenter
That you call the Nazarene

The only way we can ever beat
These crooked politician men
Is to run the money changers out of the temple
Put the Carpenter in

O It’s Jesus Christ our President
God above our king
With a job and a pension for young and old
We will make hallelujah ring

Every year we waste enough
To feed the ones who starve
We build our civilization up
And we shoot it down with wars

But with the Carpenter on the seat
Way up in the Capital town
The USA would be on the way
Prosperity Bound!

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