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I haven’t seen this yet, and I imagine there will be something well said about it before I have time to recover from the concept:

Tonight, American Idol wrapped up their big giant charity-event show, live at the Kodak, home of the Oscars, featuring Snoop Dog and Miley Cyrus (I hope they dueted), with the Idols singing Darlene Zschech’s “Shout to the Lord.”*

This is, in fact, related to my dissertation.

Anyone who would like to contribute the title of that section, feel free to do so here.

Last week, Dolly Parton was on the show. She sang a song about how all she needs is Jesus and gravity (the former, like Red Bull, to give her wings, and the latter, like gravity, to keep her grounded), and then said to Ryan Secrest something like, “well, I’ve got Jesus, and you’ve got Simon.”

*I shouldn’t be surprised that ME is arriving just in time for this sign of the impending apocalypse.


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The wife and I are big Kristen Wiig fans. We got to see her with the Groundlings the summer before she started with SNL. She did a Target cashier character in her first season that gave me hope for post-Fey SNL. She commits to these nutcase personalities in a way that reminds of John Belushi, Molly Shannon or Gilda Radner, and has this amazing attention to the little quirky details that really sells it. So hilarious.

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