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This is fantastic:

“You Think Money Grows on Trees?!!”


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Increase Productivity!

One of the few genuine pieces of literate pretension in my make-up (I pretty much improvise most of my pretension) is a quote I have always remembered, and could produce without notice at any opportune moment: “A writer is working when he is staring out of the window,” Burton Rascoe. Not that I ever knew who Burton was, or, for that matter, was I working when staring out the window; the quote was written on the blackboard by my 11th grade English teacher, who I really liked, and there was something about it that felt vindicating (although it was, more honestly, added to my arsenal of rationalizations). I have not heard or seen it referenced since, until today, when I stumbled upon it in an interestingly different, and apparently more complete, form:

“What no wife of a writer can ever understand is that a writer is working when he is staring out of the window.” Burton Rascoe, American newspaper editor.

I am thankful for an understanding wife. But I also find this pretty funny.

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You know how when you keep flipping back to ths same channels even though you already know there’s nothing on, or how you keep going back to the fridge even though you already know there’s nothing in it, or you keep picking up the same magazine even though you know you already read every page? Yeah, that’s what this is.

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