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Note to my more sensitive readers: this song includes an oboe.


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I’ve been looking for this. Bless youtube.

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I’m writing on something loosely connected to this picture, which I found by accident, but am considering as a tattoo.

I will be looking for a cleaner copy.

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I’m a little distracted by some other writing I have to do. But, a few things have come to my attention. On breaks.

Number uno, a dude who another dude that is a dude I know knows that is a very talented dude, Robby Hecht. He writes his own good stuff, too, but in this you get a sense of his soulful take on a song he likes, and I like that:

Number dos. And only briefly, in case you’re worried about my time:

My roommate and I went to see Caedmon’s Call one time, and they were bringing out Bebo Norman on this tour, all awkward and stammering stage rookie, and totally beautiful. We got in the car and drove to every show within a day of home the next few weeks to see Bebo again. (more…)

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One more comment about worldly gain, and then a song. I promise.

A friend from High School is now at the National Review, and wrote this insightful piece about the standards for card playing in the current race. It’s interesting what we choose to get sensitive about, and Palin’s candidacy will give us plenty more time to consider civil discourse. “Restraint means only using three exclamation points.” Hope we don’t get tired of it!

(heh heh heh.)

And, now, as promised, a song.

Marching Band, “Make Up Artist” (my favorite song on the new album is “Gorgeous Behavior”)

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Now, I can hardly believe a word being said on or about a convention stage in the last two weeks, but I thought this was an interesting response: a call for Christians to stand against Palin’s rhetoric, if not her content.

The Matthew 25 Network includes both shunned Obamacon Roman Catholic Doug Kmiec and ubiquitous new kind of evangelical Brian McLaren. Thes’re interesting folks.

Or, if you like to be more passively politically cynical than legitimately outraged, there’s always the Daily Show (HT Pastor Kes).

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A few things that have become unnecessary essentials lately:

The Moth podcast
Sound Opinions podcast (you were right, Robby, it’s great)
BetterWorld Books: great selection, free shipping, and they are very conscientious, even towards local libraries.
The Iconogram and Blog Networks Facebook apps: windows into heaven, and into the make-up of the communities behind your favorite blogs.
1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die: I got to scan this before sending it off to a lucky winner. If you’re an optimist, there’s also 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.
The Freecycle Network: Pass it around
Congresspedia: Real made up stuff about congress
phonezoo: Make your own dang ring tone

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