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Just back from the 806. Hub City. (See title.)

We had a great time, the most we’ve really spent in LBB for a while, and I have to mention this place: Manna Bread and Wine, down in the old Cactus Alley mall, soon to be nestled in the shadow of another Marsha Sharp overpass. Check out the “Texas Versus the World” wine flight. I had the Bandito Chicken, which was kind of a fantastic “take that!” to chicken fried chicken.* The wife had the best Tilapia ever.

We had a good visit with our waitress (we liked Autry), who said they’ve built a customer base almost entirely through word-of-mouth, and that there’s a great little community of clientele forming around this spot.

Two interesting heardsaids:

– The Hub described as “more cosmopolitan” than it was 10 years ago
– Conversation between a cashier and a customer at a used bookstore:

“Lubbock is about the same size as Austin now, isn’t it?”
“No, not nearly.”
“Well, it feels like it to me.”



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