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At the sound of the tone

I’m off this week. Enjoy the other internets. Lean in towards resurrection.
Supper at Emmaus, Diego Velasquez

Kitchen Maid with the Supper at Emmaus, Diego Velasquez


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We are not a tradition that typically references the liturgical year, so when Robby got up to provide our Communion Prayers and began with about a minute of French, there were few of us able to interpret the event.* Today is Pentecost Sunday. Bravo, Robby.

Pentecost is the end of the Easter season, and I love that we approached the table this morning not as fearful Maundy Thursday mourners,** but as the church in the Spirit, receiving Christ’s promise for the world. Just to prove I am really reading and not blogging, here is an excerpt from Laurence Stookey’s Calendar: Christ’s Time for the Church (Nashville: Abingdon, 1996). Stookey talks about the effects of consumerism and individualism on ecclesiology, and then reflects,

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I become self conscious sometimes about loving words and sounds and pictures so much. It seems foolish, when so much is at stake.

When I am reading Vonnegut or watching a Charlie Kaufman film, the absurdist sublimity of everything becoming so ridiculous assures me life is more hilariously beautiful than I thought. When I am reading O’Connor or watching a P.T. Anderson film, everything glows so tenderly flawed, so scarred and so loved by their creators that the grace of those words and scenes embraces me. I am going to shout. My eyes and ears and mouth are going to shout. But I am completely paralyzed by whatever might come next – by anticipation, by expectation, by readiness to celebrate whatever is going to happen. I cannot move, because this is not my scene or page or sound to make – I have to wait and see what is next.

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