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Mike Casey

Mike Casey passed away Monday night. I’m grieving as part of his church family, and as someone who benefited so much from his contribution to understanding the better angels of my own faith heritage. Mike eagerly provided some of the best leads and contacts for my research in social concern among Churches of Christ. I always looked forward to his contributions to any study or conversation on peace makers and grace givers deeply rooted in our often forgotten history. He knew them well, and gave them voice in times and places where they were most needed.

The greatest loss, of course, is Mike the husband, father, brother, son, friend and fellow believer. Please remember Judy, Neil, and Mike’s extended family.

In one very small way of remembering him today, I happened on and joined this Facebook incarnation of a group he inspired: Churches of Christ Peace Fellowship. I’m thankful for his life with us, and trusting in the hope of resurrection for all those who will miss him dearly. Mike will be buried in Missouri, where his father is buried, November 3.

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