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I had a good time, too

I think I am on indefinite hiatus. I know I’ve cried “retired” before, but I really mean it this time, especially when I say “indefinite.” I’m fairly sure I can manage to post the kind of content I’ve been providing lately through Facebook (ah, another blog bites the dust). If I ever get the momentum up to start being more thoughtful than that, I’ll be back. Thanks to all of you, both of you, for visiting.

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I liked this moment in Jonathan Carroll’s The Wooden Sea:

What is more gratifying than to lie next to your partner in your own bed mornings, thoughts just beginning to take shape, sharp-edged early light coming through the window and warming a patch of floor where your shoes are mixed with hers from the night before? What is more fulfilling than waking to your own satisfying life with someone treasured next to you? What more could we ask for and not be ashamed?

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