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Young’un (picking up Spider Man lego figure from car floor): I’m going to take Spider Man inside to church today.

Me: Ok.

Young’un: He’s going to think this is craazy.


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Capn: Okay, time to brush your teeth.
Young’un: NO! I DON’T WANT TO!
Capn: Well, that’s one vote. But I vote “yes,” and I am a superdelegate.

So, our law prof, essayist, and reasonable conservative soundbite machine Doug Kmiec endorses Obama:

. . . as Republicans, we are first Americans. As Americans, we must voice our concerns for the well-being of our nation without partisanship when decisions that have been made endanger the body politic.

I like the sound of anyone starting a sentence, “as group, we are first bigger group.” I would guess we are creatures, way before we are voters, but in this case I appreciate the courage of Kmiec’s conviction. I’ll be interested in the impact on him, and maybe others.


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Man vs. machine

One of the young’un’s V’tines cards, which he enjoyed for what it contained rather than what it brought to my mind, stated in the declarative and not the imperative:

“Punch-out cars for Valentine’s Day!”

I’ve had years where that sounded about right.

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I feel the difference
between dependence and trust
in the weight of my child
carried in my arms
or sleeping against my shoulder.
It may only be ounces,
or just distribution;
but feels like two completely different kinds of mass.
The difference settles with a sudden, heavy sweetness
that my heart will not forget.

I am always straining across the gap
between the Ground-of-all-being and the With-us-god,
as if a bridge’s cables could relieve earth’s burden.

Maybe I am more tired
than I have to be.

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Bringing up pacifists

“Do you think Hulk and Spider-man would like to drive your tractors?”

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1) I’ve got a lot of music in the just-what-I’ve-always-wanted new release pile this summer, but somehow Ryan AdamsEasy Tiger is tickling me just right. It’s got this wonderful, easy, meandering Emmylou Harissness to it. Adams was an alt-country darling who never captured my heart, but I’m into this album. Guitar solo.

2) We saw Junebug this weekend. We get through the wife’s queue a lot faster than my cinemambitions. It was good. Strong and silent. I’m still in the rumination phase. Amy Adams.

3) Flight of the Conchords, my friends. Flight. of. the. Conchords.

4) We’ve been building the young’un’s library recently, and here are a few of my favorite recent adds: My Book of Thanks, The Man and the Vine, M Is for Music, Our Father. Of course, we are also very well read on trucks. Editor’s Note: And, grateful for the gift books! Notice above I said these were “my” favorites. 🙂

5) I’ve been using myYahoo for some time as a homepage, a good place to collect my favorite headlines and a few links, but always feel like Yahoo (or Google, which I tried for a while) is the man, and the man is against everything I believe in. Yahoo hates Santa. Anyway, I’m quite pleased with Netvibes, which doesn’t give me that “the man” feeling, and, after a little adjusting, does the job nicely. It’s probably still the man, I know. Mac is the man. Peet’s is the man. Bob Dylan’s the man. You gotta serve somebody.

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I’m in a phase of life where Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood is the most consistent TV viewing I’m doing. So I have a lot of time to think about it.

Somebody submitted a Postsecret card a few weeks ago that was a Mr. Rogers postcard with a message like, “You didn’t prepare me for how cruel the world could be.” I’ve been thinking about this. I realize that there is some legitimate concern about Rogers’ emphasis on self-esteem, his (Carl) Rogerian, therapeutic approach to people’s specialness and feelings, and sense that the way he suggests viewing yourself and others is just not realistic. Especially for a man of his age – a sentiment behind a lot of folks’ judgment that Mr. Rogers is just a little creepy. But I disagree.

What I’ve noticed about Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood is that it is filled with the most gifted people on the planet – Yo Yo Ma, Itzhak Pearlman, Wynton Marsalis, to name a few – and shoe salesmen, and Special Olympians, and a full range of people, tasks, and social roles, each of which Mr. Rogers treats with complete attention, sincere admiration, great curiosity, and tremendous appreciation. (more…)

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