Be of Good Cheer

I’m a little slow these days. Had to post this video. These guys will be at the Canyon Club on Thursday night.

Also check out this great unrecorded gem live in a library with Jacob Parnell, from the olden days, when they were The Pretty Good Cheer.


Sweet and low

I can’t get enough of the strings under N”K”C’s vocals on this.

de Sales

from Introduction to the Devout LIfe:

Alexander caused the lovely Campaspe, who was so dear to him, to be painted by the great Apelles, who, by dint of contemplating her as he drew, so graved her features in his heart and conceived so great a passion for her, that Alexander discovered it, and, pitying the artist, gave him her to wife, depriving himself for love of Apelles of the dearest thing he had in the world, in which, says Pliny, he displayed the greatness of his soul as much as in the mightiest victory. And so, friendly reader, it seems to me that as a Bishop, God wills me to frame in the hearts of His children not merely ordinary goodness, but yet more His own most precious devotion; and on my part I undertake willingly to do so, as much out of obedience to the call of duty as in the hope that, while fixing the image in others’ hearts, my own may haply conceive a holy love; and that if His Divine Majesty sees me deeply in love, He may give her to me in an eternal marriage.


Today was Otis Redding’s last with us, 1967.

Christmas Special

I got nuthin. Here’s a redacted rerun.

This will only help with those of you who forgot to already buy Christmas gifts. I’ve been trying to build a collection of alternative shopping resources, and would love to get your additions to the list.

Benefitting the poor in 2/3 world countries (generally an “in honor of” gift):
TEAR Australia
Heifer International
World Vision
Kiva (small loans)
Save the Children

Fair Trade/Alt Economics
a greater gift
Ten Thousand Villages
No Sweat Apparel
People Not Profit
Women’s Bean Project
Eternal Threads

Handmade things and Productive Monastics
(The Handmade Pledge)
Mystic Monk Coffee
Monastery Creations (soaps, candles)
The Abbey of New Clairvaux (vineyard)
Chimay (Trappist beers and cheeses)

Sacred Art & Artists
Trinity Stores
Janet McKenzie
Michael O’Neill McGrath

Also, Advent Conspiracy (I’ve mentioned them before) has a great list of relational gift ideas.

The Commitments was on the other day. I like this scene.

I meant to squeeze this in for Veterans Day, but didn’t make it.